5 Behaviors That Will Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sat, Feb 1st, 2020

Missouri is ready for growth.

Southeast Missouri is a wonderful area. Boasting an array of features and opportunities, many find it easy to make their home here in the quaint towns scattering the countryside. The landscape is perfect for raising a family, and the improved economic outlook makes it ideal for those looking to start a business. In addition, community members are often welcoming and warm to new and old friends alike.

However, for too long Southeast Missouri has been an underserved region in many aspects. Those suffering from chronic disease symptoms deserve a better support system, so M Power is initiating chronic illness support programs throughout Southeast Missouri.

We can help those with chronic disease and reduce the onset of chronic disease throughout the area.

M Power is regionally situated within Missouri’s Bootheel with goals dedicated to

  • Improving the health of those with chronic diseases through the teaching of evidence-based self-management programs
  • Caring for individuals diagnosed with diabetes in Southeast Missouri’s rural counties
  • Bettering cardiovascular health and quality of life throughout the region with prevention education
  • Promoting healthy choices that lead to individuals living with a reduced risk of developing a chronic disease
  • Ensuring those with or at risk for chronic diseases have access to the necessary prescription medications and support they need

  • Through a coordinating effort among health departments and social agencies across Missouri’s Bootheel, M Power will contribute to the improvement and quality of life of those throughout the region
  • Even if you believe you’re healthy, you could be at risk for developing chronic health conditions. Find out if you’re at risk for diabetesobesity complications or heart disease.
  • We need your help.

To reach your coworkers, neighbors, friends and family, we need you to share our content on your Facebook page, in an email or over the phone. Our programs are free because we are grant funded. We have no sponsorship and we are not selling anything.