Healthier You in 2022!

Mon, Mar 28th, 2022

Welcome to the new 8-month program that Southeast Health has initiated, Healthier You in 2022!

This program is intended to reach our whole Southeast Missouri service area, with the goal of encouraging healthier habits leading to better heart health!

To accomplish this, we’re encouraging people to complete the “Life’s Simple Seven” Life Check questionnaire offered by the American Heart Association. We will not see those results – it is just a self- check to give people an idea what their opportunities are for self-improvement.

Then, every month, we’ll offer education and challenges for one of the seven aspects of lifestyle change included in Life’s Simple Seven. There will be a health break/YouTube video to share on facebook or wherever you choose. The first one was completed by Dr. Bryan Beck and can be found below.

Throughout the series, we’ll be directing people to the site to find out what is going on through the Health Departments in their communities.

This is completely free to participants, and drawings will be held monthly as new participants register and complete the challenges (surveys, quizzes, etc.)

As a reminder, the upcoming schedule is:

April: Nutrition

May: Blood Pressure/Stroke

June: Diabetes

July:  Smoking Cessation

August: Weight Management

September: Cholesterol